Effective Management of Copyright - Understanding policies & best practices

12:30 PM - 1:15 PM

Medical writers and publications teams make extensive use of proprietary and third-party copyrighted materials to advance their client and company’s goals. Copyright remains a challenging and evolving topic and especially with the advent of Open Access publications. There are concerns about levels of efficiencies and effectiveness in the use of copyrighted materials and the use of supporting database tools. Therefore, this EMWA Seminar will help attendees better understand and to update their knowledge and professional practice in this crucial area to improve the application of the principles and best practices of copyrighted materials.


Topics to be covered (subject to change)

  • Understanding the essentials of copyright (including derivatives)
  • Understanding the range and type of copyright licences (including limitations)
  • Open access versus free access
  • Scientific publishing copyright guidelines 
  • Efficient use of content rights databases 
  • Implications for reuse of content without permissions
  • Obtaining copyright procedures
  • How to explain copyright to clients/partners
  • Copyright around text + data mining technologies (potentially)
  • Table/figure adaptations