Marilyn Neault

Patient Advocate in Research, Parkinson’s Foundation

Marilyn Neault, PhD participates in a variety of patient advocacy activities as a representative of the Parkinson’s Foundation. She is a working member of the Steering Committee of the Parkinson’s Outcomes Project. She talks to groups of scientists and students regarding the experience of living with Parkinson’s Disease, to convey what patients consider to be important goals in research, patient care, and support programs. With a longstanding interest in health literacy, she serves on a task force to develop a clinical research glossary for the Multiregional Clinical Trial Center, while participating in clinical trials.
Dr. Neault retired in 2017 from a long career in paediatric audiology, during which she directed Audiology programs at Boston Children’s Hospital, specialising in electrophysiological measures of hearing in infants and in programming cochlear implant devices. By 2004, she had developed symptoms which were diagnosed in 2009 as Parkinson’s Disease. She now participates avidly in a variety of Parkinson’s wellness activities and enjoys composing music, a new-found interest. Her interest in plain-language communication, fueled by decades of work experience with people who have deviant hearing and speaking abilities, has opened her eyes to the need to champion better communication along all avenues for people with Parkinson’s Disease.